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1. 4.12.11

We close our eyes; As the day turns to night; We forget what it's like to sleep; The memories again sink in; When they were by our side; Every day and night; We're begging to you asking you why; You t...

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2. Bruised & Broken

I built these roads; To find a new hope; A real home; I've been choked; I've felt the weight of a thousand thorns; To hit this stage when I want nothing more; I built these walls to home the family of...

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3. False Prophet

I am not a king, you're not a prophet. I hear all these words you speak, why don't you steal their soul? My bodies breaking, from the hearts you've choked. Now I'm left contemplating; all the things y...

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4. Judgment

You got what you wanted. a heart full of pride and a soul full of pain. My actions speak louder than my words. I'm so fed up, I'm so sick and tired... I am not like them. I am not the same. I am not t...

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5. Knights & Pawns

We all found love in the wrong places, We're all living lies in our heads. Living in silence has taught me everything I know, We're all knights and pawns forced to fit the mold. This is such a sad wor...

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6. Meaning (Victory)

Bracing open my eyes with a heart full of fear, This life fades with every blood, sweat and tear. When will we fall? When will our existence crumble? When will we crumble? You spend your whole life lo...

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7. Mentalist

Can we take on the weight of the world? This corrupt world... I know we fell short many times before, We can't do this all on our own. Our generation takes the task, wake up we've got to pick up the s...

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8. Raphaim

We stand here like we're all alone; and there's no one else out there. We have come to believe, We are the one land. so selfish to think; We are the only ones. no one knows, we are not god. We are sca...

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9. The Beginning

This table used to hold a "dinner", This house used to home a "family", not anymore. Those days have come and gone... looking back now; I don't remember much. I spent my whole life trying to prove my ...

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