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1. Aerial Dreams

Aerial Dreams; I don't need this miracle; painted saint speaks so quizzical; cut lies deeper than the hair you'd grown long; wonder what your daddy did wrong; andrea dreams and she kicks and she screa...

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2. Another World

Another World; welcome to the new world come inside; it's a mega time, a crazy time; and all the time I'd lose my mind with you; aahooh; sometimes I look and I find you; sometimes I look and I find it...

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3. Avalanche

What started off a tear drop; Rolling in the drain; Grew to break through paradigms; And shattered remains; Ride got mighty drastic; Over we go; Open the windows and into the snow; On and on; We will ...

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4. Captain, My Captain

Captain, My Captain; captain, my captain take command; I'll put the mission in your hands; captain, my captain take control; you'll be the pilot of my soul; she said captain, captain take me tonight; ...

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5. Glides On

Glides On; it's getting harder to get my head to sleep; time to time the pillow talks and kicks me to my feet; searching out a crossing; every light of a brand new day; damned in this madness; it's tr...

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6. Hiding

Hiding; warm waves your hand; through the window glass in a silent movie; with your head in hand; your heat comes through; but your body's too cold now to warm me; can you feel it; can you feel the sh...

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7. Images

Images; the haze, the craze; a rake in my mind; threw flowers in the ocean; a view I don't mind; with a blink, you'd think; I should be with you; I'd be swimming across that ocean; to be in bed with y...

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8. Lost Parade

Lost Parade; woke from a dream I called; out of my head that night; there were marchers; saints and things singing; the epoch still leads; the party lines were drawn; it feels again; feels again so lo...

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9. Mad Connection

Mad Connection; voice I heard from far beyond; was like a transmission coming in; where've you been; still some things you've been missing; my extraordinary friend; nose to this noise; like a freak se...

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10. Paralyzed

Paralyzed; heaven calls me like she should; whispers to me heaven would you stay with me; something like the wind all right; heaven sings a lullaby; and keeps it right; how long swimming inside my hea...

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11. Red Clouds

Red Clouds; someone called about something; something's wrong today; took a walk to the fields we're under; on this beautiful day; wind sings siren's song; and the fire's just begun; two shots echoed ...

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