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1. Close Your Eyes

I see you through the crowd; You look so awake; Close your eyes; We are the ones; Who call ourselves dreamers; We are who we are; We all try to see what's next for us; Close your eyes don't wake up; D...

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2. Colors

The color is fading from your face; Hold on, we'll get it back; Unless you don't want to replace it; We'll erase it; A new color is fading to your face; Hold on we'll push it back; Unless you want to ...

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3. Dreams Are Real

I can't sleep I can't breathe take me with you; If you were here you'd make this all worth while; This dream I had I died inside; You left us all and the tears fell hard; I see you everywhere; I want ...

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4. Figured Me Out

Lock me up tight so I don't leave your side; Keep me away from all the things that you would rather me not see; In this life time; What if I caught a glimpse and didn't stop staring; I know that you w...

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5. In My Head

Will I win this war; I've had my doubts before; They cripple all the drive in me; So long just say it; When I win this war; I want my life like before; So fearless, so certainly sure; So long, just sa...

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6. The Pieces

I started off today all by myself; But one by one by one the pieces fell; Out of place and into grace; You just fell; Out of grace and into place; Just where you belong; Why did you throw it away; Cau...

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