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1. Broken Dreams

We are the new blood; I will never change; Stop whining cause you won't survive; Now it's too late, beg for mercy; This is who I am; All hail to the king; What did you say to me? I heard it loud and c...

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2. End Piece

The voices in my head haunts me every night; You'd better listen to what I say; Shut up! shut up! I won't deny all mistakes; Shut up! shut up! One last time; Can you break the silence? Can you hear th...

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3. Let Me Go

I can feel my heart inside you; Take my hands to the lights; And show me gently the path to heaven; You can never be yourself again; Can you feel the pain; I always fought night and day? Everywhere yo...

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4. Memories Of Our Days

The memories of our days still live in me; Can we go back to the time; When I was still a part of you? Can we go back? She points the gun to my head; I can't escape my fate; Never say never; Never say...

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5. Spring Breakers

We live for this moment bitch; Let's get this party started; Fill all your drinks up; We are the ones who drink the shots; Until the last one drops; You want it? Just say it! Tequila - for the ladies;...

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6. The Invasion

Here we are, unknown space; Here we are, drag me down to hell; Old & new, locked inside; Taste the nothingness; I'm your god; I create a world that's worth to carry on; Don’t pretend we can turn back ...

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