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1. Battalions

Marching through the gates of fire; New battles on the rise; Breathing in the winds of war; Victorious desire deep inside; Tyrants' wrath upon this world; Bestow the might to throne; Battalions on the...

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2. Between Two Worlds

Clear sights through the depths I ride; Inside my mind the thoughts I hide; I ought to bear my existence; And burn to be... ; The visions that was brought to me; Not different from my fantasy; Between...

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3. Someone New

I:Now baby I thought your love was mine; I tought love was apart my life; But girl it's hard to wak away,But it's even harder for me to stay; Chorus:I'm,I'm looking for someone new; Someone to take th...

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4. Storm I Ride

I ride a wind of no return; My soul is cold my mind burns; I ride my fate with all my hate; This is my search this is my state; I ride a storm of no reverse; My spirit's dark this is my curse; I journ...

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5. Warriors

It's a great day for fire; It's a great day for wrath; It's a warrior's desire; Ride down the mountainside; Blinding days on the desert; Blinding sun in my eyes; Mighty cities before us; Ride with you...

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