I Killed The Symphony

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1. Alive

So many moments all spent carelessly; While you let them slip through your grasp; You know you sold yourself subconsciously; There's a question you forgot to ask; And you, your hanging by a thread; It...

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2. Atmosphere

Hey, it isn't love you came here for; You know what I adore; But you're such a mystery; I'll take you to the stratosphere; A floating weightless feeling; We'll elevate this evening; So lets just get o...

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3. Exit Body

Our sweet poetic life, I knew is now yesterday; I watch with darkened eyes, our resurrection has failed; Now I must pay the price, I've come unglued and derailed; I'll pretend denial, in denial; Choru...

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4. My Enemy

I was living in a doll house; Where I used to feel so safe; Now I'm locked inside a prison; Where I just wanted you, I just wanted you; Confessions from the guilty; Commit my body to the flames; Innoc...

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5. Vanity

My eyes we're drawn in by a stranger; A pretty face within the crowd so you became my vice; I let you cut me like a razor; I let you pin me on the wall in ultraviolet light; Pre Chorus:; Focus, we shi...

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