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Letra da Música Wolves de I Heart Sharks

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Let's fall back
Preempt the heart attacks
I can't relax
Or we could hide
Wish our woes aside
But they'll come back
My nerves are shot
You were the catalyst
I can't resist
From on to off
Our love wasn't enough
And that's a fact

Why must we kiss with the lights out?
In our bed of snow
I'm trying hard not to cry out
Our breathing stays low
And we move like wolves

We're in a cage
Paper tigers of our age
About to snap
We draw hearts
In our breath on glass
They'll soon be gone
And it won't last
Present will be past
Nothing is static
I was in love
At least I thought I was
But please don't go

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Número de Palavras 95
Número de Letras 644
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