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1. Along Came Polly

I am not as i am portrayed darling; I stand minutes away from discovery; A victim of social pressure; There aint no pleasure; Idle hands start work tonight; The schedules too tight; I cant compare no;...

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2. But Comon Im Useless

Build it up tear it down, turn round, turn round, oh comon; what am i doing wrong? Been so long that ive been waiting; is it wrong that im complaining? is it nice not having to talk to me? you know ex...

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3. Incentive To Miscarriage

i'd like nothing more than nothing;; nothing to do with someone looking so; dank, spawning a miscarriage. ; i aint always out at dawn if nobodies alturistic; it wont ever change, kind of like incest i...

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4. Sailor Moon

Somehow make her feel like a princess then sever her castles. Her kingdom can just lay broken. I wouldn't tell it straight its better this way. Only believe it; scars and lifeless hopes only come of i...

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5. That's A Nice Dress

I don't care that her face is melting off this time; STD's will freeze it again; Teal dress is torn for access; i don't think that karma exists though

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6. Vampire Aids

The tide won't sink us all. It's like a bad dream but no one wakes me or pulls me out. I could watch but i wouldn't laugh as she screams his name. I know it - I know that I know. ; So lets turn a page...

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