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1. Back From The Dead

Sometime near in the future shortly after the storm; I'll be crossing the border if you want to come along; Birds will flock in the valley to see where the horses have gone; You and I will be married ...

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2. Bedbug

So I tell you what to think and say and do; While my words keep growing stronger; Just a simple song to say that I love you; That I can't hold back much longer; Little finger come across a bedbug; Cha...

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3. Bird On The Wire

I can't really tell what's up or down; I can't tell where this is coming from; This beat has got me running round in circles; Someone dropped a bomb on me; I am found dead or alive; On a dancefloor fi...

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4. Blowing Smoke

And I sat at the watch tower; And I didn't do a thing; Blowing smoke to the air with a window open for you; And I saw it was late; And I dreamt to be alone; I was talking on the phone and it felt like...

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5. Bubblegum and Chocolate

Time to learn the alphabet, beginning all over again; From top to bottom all memorized; Point your fingers in the air and tell me only if you dare; The words I want hear come alive; Stand upon my shou...

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6. Buzz On My Block

Favorite drug of the year 2005; On the tip of my tongue more dead than alive; Shot my blood cocaine; Felt it wash my brain like I was guacamole; I could do it with you, push go to give in; No matter w...

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7. Concorde

People and payment; Echoes of cool in the air; Loveless dragons in everholy matrimony; Birds and bees banging quietly out in the night on sad memories; To form a dark love movement; To make a dead son...

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8. Cream

Left you bleeding when I did my taekwondo; And drove my motorbike to heaven; Clairvoyant for a minutes time or two; I had you breathles for a second; Caught you hanging in my club around midnight; Too...

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9. Dumping The Motorheads

We like to sit around and watch the buildings collide; Walk the sunny beaches with nothing but a smile; Stranger than a teardrop falling from the eye; Louder than a shotgun, hello and goodbye; Ever to...

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10. Hammertime

Heavy rain coming down on my shoulder; We've been waiting for too long; Where the sun and the moon collides; Coming close together; You're holding my heart for a while; You're doing the best that you ...

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11. Le Complication

Without speaking my name you said it loud and clear; Voices in a tight spot come on over here; Every single day of the week will have to do by now; Anywhere you want to go is all fine by me; The legen...

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12. Pins and Needles

Switch it on if you feel the reason to stay; Lay it down for a while next to a neighbour friend; Do your job two times feeling better today; Have it come through your nose, no need to pretend; Very ca...

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13. Prophet Rock

I've been wanting to say the word but it don't seem right yet; Like a warm locomotive going cold; I've been sleeping odd for a while; Where the bushes come in all kind of colors; Where I learn to stay...

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14. Somersault

And I never drank alcohol and I never got high; It was the end of a hundred years that took me by surprise; What I thought to be dangerous, on the verge of a smile; Turning out to be nothing more than...

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15. Stereo

You're saying war is not enough; Very greedy to think that you can buy my love; And you talk of religion and of the good things that you found; But it shows all to well that the same things are bringi...

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16. Truth and Solitude

Standing in a ray of light; I am on the dark side of the moon; As if in a pantomime; I have come by the use of balloons; To portray the mess I'm in; I get physical and start to shout; Where the sky is...

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17. Wating To Blow

So this is where it all begins; True love about to burn your skin; Banging heads against the wall; Something dangerous; Because you don't know where to hide; Break down crying on the inside; Because y...

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