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1. Element

I will miss you will be missed stepping into transcendence; Apart from this intricate heart I know; Tell me this will distance determine our strength in love and; What is the power pulling us please l...

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2. Make Believe

They are; Trying so hard; To break down parts; Of our first thoughts; And turn them to dust; I know that they are; It seems that we must; Take hold and clutch; The remedy; But don't fall; For this one...

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3. Out Of Body

Magnify the ray and multiply; The words to say from a cocoon; To fly away the wings they grew; To turn from gray it's up to you; And into me; My one and only out of body; Up to you and into everything...

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4. Unity

I'll never stop; Using my senses; "True to my heart"; That's what your text said; Have you read through mine; As many times? I may never know; What you are thinking; What you really want; Or what you ...

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5. Wretched Earth

Life unenjoyable passing and wasting such precious time. Greed, found a weakness in me when; I sampled tee taste of divine. Traded my cosmic distant paradise; For a chance at repairing the world. I wa...

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