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1. Back Off

Back Off, get outta of my face; Cause I don't wanna have to stop it and tell you why; Just leave me alone; Shut up, keep it down, I don't wanna hear; I only wish it I could make you all disappear; Jus...

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2. Beautiful Thing

I can't sleep; I can't eat; Since I met you; I can't speak; I get weak; When I'm with you; I don't show; But I know; You're such a beautiful thing; Yeah; ; I can't talk; I can't walk; But I'm flying; ...

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3. Can I Trust You?

Call me whatever, but the past has shown; I’m stronger on my own, don’t need nobody; Don’t wanna make exceptions to the rule; Cause I am no one’s fool, suffering gladly; ; But now I don’t have a choic...

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4. Don't Steal Our Sunshine

Your Sunshine; I, I wanna know; Why can't you see what you're doing's; gonna come back and bit you in the butt; I've had enough; How can you do what you do? Do you think you can buy me? I, I wanna see...

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5. Dreaming

Dreaming, Dreaming Dreaming; Ive been dreaming about a place; Where I can watch you smile as you let sunlight hit your face; And sing if your happy; Cry if your blue; Eat if your hungry; And love if y...

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6. Goodbye Radio

It's got me feeling so insecure; I'm tried of acting like I'm so damn sure; And I think they can all just sense the weakness inside of me; Yeah, inside; I gotta keep this dream alive; Oh it's Goodbye ...

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7. Here Comes Summer

On days like these you can be anyone; Do whatever you want, as long as your having fun; The girls look fly, the guys get the one by one; Well it's a rollercoaster ride but you just gotta take a bit; G...

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8. I Dream

What a world; What a life; What a sight for sore eyes; What a chance; What a dream come true; Will I soar; Who can say; Will I fly far away; Tell me will I be over the moon; ; I Dream; Of a wonderful ...

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9. I Want You Around

Can I make the rain drops fall on the desert sand; Can I pick you up and fly you to a wonderland; Can I stop the world from turning just to make the day last; Can I make you smile in the future and fo...

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10. I'm Not Coming With You

I Dream – Not Coming With You; I just wanna run away and hide from everyone; I feel so scared incase I fall (I'll catch you if you fall); I try to prove to them that I can make it on my own; So tell m...

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11. Open Up My Heart

I might, act like I'm so insincere; Pretend like I don't really care, girl; You'd be right to, not believe a word I say; I know, I've said this so many times; I don't even know if there lines, girl; Y...

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12. Our Life

Our Life; So Tight; ; Three become as one; Having Fun; Life's full of possibilities; Got the dream everything in this team; working to what we believe; Mirror Mirror, tell us the answer to our prayers...

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13. Say It's Alright

Say It's Alright, C'Mon (spoken); Life has never been logical; You can feel like a criminal; Doing things that are natural; Tell me do you understand? Everybody's got ups and downs, yeah; Your whole w...

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14. Sunshine

Yesterday was a great day and today's shaping up to be another one of those; Tryna live my life the right way; I'm tryna to make it so all of my dreams are haveable; It feels alright when you can say;...

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15. Waste Your Time On Me

You know that I've got something special; I feel so lucky to be me, you'll see; Some people say that I'm a princess running wild; But don't waste your time with them, just look into my eyes; ; Cause n...

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16. Welcome To Avalon Heights

You know you gotta be tough, So pull yourself together; You gotta make up your mind; There isn’t anything that you can’t do; Don’t let go, it’s like a rollercoaster ride; Take a chance, we got it goin...

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17. Why Me

Why me, Is this a dream come true; Why me, It's feeling so magical; Why me, Could this be my chance to shine; win or lose its time to choose; is this really ment for me; Why me; I kinda of feel that I...

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