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1. Ending A Life In Mid-sentence

So they, make believe;; They don’t know they fool themselves. Embarrassed, but not ashamed; to admit that I don’t know. ; F*** the stars – burn the books –; Race yourself to the beginning. ; And nothi...

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2. Id

I watched you slip. I watched you fall. (X2); I watched you slip; right through my hands. Even though I've tried; to put things right. You didn't even fu**ing try. Did you even care at all? Reflection...

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3. Never Break

Never, will I abandon; what I've fought so hard to keep. The light that guides me; will never be put out. ; Call me narrow-minded, call me strange. I have my convictions and they'll never change. Call...

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4. Stop The Game

You fu**ing cowards, hiding behind your masks; to save you from shame. Your ignorance went out the door; replacing it as blame. ; Hatred, (Hatred); ignorance, (Ignorance); racial discrimination; Bigam...

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5. Your America

Red white and blue; they inject in our minds;; It's on the evening news; and it's making us blind. A picture perfect image; where everything's fine;; You'll never see the curtain; they're hiding us be...

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