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1. Borrowed Parts

Oh Lord, breathe within me the warmth of Your holy light. Your Word is the knife by which I carve this journey of life. Set forth with blessed talents so carefully endowed, brothers and sisters, our t...

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2. Deface Grace

Flesh against flesh. Destroyer of beauty, so alluring, eternally devastating. A sick perversion of intimacy. So deeply rooted into my heart, Lord free me from this. Help me stay focused. On my own str...

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3. Hatred From The Religious

Guided by hatred, you've created a religion all of your own. Dogmatically defending your hypocritical position (position). Grounded in rebellion, yet ever conforming; To the demands of your peers. Wha...

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4. Heart Of a Servant

Impaled high above the cross; the sins of the world pour out from your hands and feet. Mocked and defiled, embedded in your head are thorns. This is love. Lord, I am eternally grateful. My heart is al...

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5. Minus One Star For Christianity

Your hostility doesn't scare us, and we will never return your hatred. Myopic understanding of our mission. Burnishing misconceptions and chimerical inventions; created in the depths of your own mind ...

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6. Misguided Ministry

A spiritual giant for the crowd -; who are you when shrouded in secrecy? Spewing hateful words about the God you never knew -; you spit in his face. Do you not realize what you've done? A sugar-coated...

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7. Romans 1:20

Lord, I can see you moving. I can hear you whispering in the artistry painted; across the evening sky. Empty space became your canvas. Everything I observe around me screams out your name. The stars a...

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8. Stand Together

With a fist adorned in brass, it's time to stand up and fight your fears. Never back down, never give up. This isn't about looking tough, it's about lifting each other up. This is our home, we roll to...

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