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1. A Lesson Learned

A Lesson Learned; There’s a rise and fall; There is a change in the atmosphere. This has been more complicated than we’ve imagined; Write this down in letters; Send them far from here; You can count t...

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2. Aria The Brave

Aria The Brave; Just throw it away your fears have been postponed until tomorrow; So you can fall asleep tonight. Don't forget to take your medicine dear; And wash it down with some liquid bravery. ; ...

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3. Gone Too Far

Gone Too Far; I’m drawn to trouble; A back door lust for her; I know it’s wrong; But I’m doing it again; My pulse is racing; My mind is chasing thoughts of the after taste of what makes me fiend for m...

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4. Headlines

Headlines; Tonight's the night; Stop the copies, word from the press; We're making headlines, broadcasting worldwide to anyone who cares; This night has just begun, this isn't getting any better; Face...

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5. Killing For Closure

Killing For Closure; Testing One, Two; Can you hear me? The reason why you're here, is because your selfish in your own ways; And now it's your turn, to feel what others have felt for years; You can't...

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6. Rescue

This time my habits are laid to rest. I can’t keep these secrets to myself. My lips have been sealed tight for so long. Here we are now face to face again; And my guilt is starting to set in. But ther...

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7. The Uncertainty Of What's Become

The Uncertainty Of What's Become; We're finding out the hard way; (Whoa, Whoa); Perfection isn't just the word that describes more then what we've become; (Whoa, Whoa); Let me start off by saying; I'm...

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8. Waiting Takes A Lifetime

Hello perfect stranger. (Where have you been?); I’m lost with the light in your eyes. (Light in your eyes); I know that you’re the one to take this for granted. Would you give yourself up and…; Follow...

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9. Warriors

Just close your eyes; And imagine how we could survive inside these lies; The role she plays to try; And hide the corrupted life she helped create; Marks are left; There’s no surprise with the pills s...

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