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I'm a Level 71 Paladin

There's a cycle of saving and dying, living and crying
Walking hand-in-hand alone, all alone...
Along the snow-covered heartache
Cheating death to prove you missed out on life

She fell asleep with another lie, I watched the world pass me by.
I fell apart in your hands.
You threw this life away, you threw this life away
I fall to the floor...

Wake up in strange arms and scream at the top of your lungs
"I can taste the blood on my lips, I can't take this... I feel numb"

I'm stuck here in this purgatory looking for the answer
I tried to write my own life story while fighting off this cancer
You said you wanted the best for us, then you folded with a royal flush

Slow down and watch the sunrise next time
Its life is dying like this game we've played for so long now
Have you ever closed the eyes of someone you loved and watch them fall asleep?
I cant find the words...

Memories of broken dreams are playing in my head
Just like a cinematic movie scene
Edit, repeat, splice...
Silent screams, they fill the air still I cant find the words to say
"Why can't we just be happy again?"

All I could say was...
"When I love you means nothing more than I'm trapped and my heart is torn
Between familiar company and moving on....
Just shut your mouth"

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