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1. And Souls Sing

I surrender all of me to You my God and King You have; set my heart on fire for You my soul will ablaze are; you ready for heavens shore whispers from heaven turn; my eyes attention from sin this worl...

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2. Falling On Everlasting

where the earth meets the sunrise they are waking we; are waking; they are falling on everlasting arms that carry arms; that carry out; go and tell the whole world its alright its alright; go and tell...

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3. Heaven Knocking Hell Rising

Wake up, and Put on your Armor.... We rush to the Battle Scene.... Fire and Brimstone we will bring to the fight; and Souls will be lifted from here to the sky; and He will descend from the clouds; Li...

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4. Hul Kogans Seven Second Apocalypse

Amazing grace how sweet the sound and through Your; grace You sought your son to save the world God give; us grace send these souls to You now and purge Your; blood through us You saved so long ago 'o...

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5. May Kills The Calendar

You have made me see troubles many and bitter You will; restore my life again from the depths of the earth you; will again bring me up) could You turn the page for me; this month has shown its ugly ap...

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6. O' How Constant

today I change and tomorrow I'll change again this; change is constant i will change again i promise this; to you it cannot hold constant with the future all; aspects of life have the power to change ...

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7. The Red Basket Club

And I saw a angel coming down from heaven having the; key to the abyss and holding in his hand a great chain; he seized the dragon that ancient serpent who is the; devil or satan and bound him for a t...

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8. To The Service

Come in and take off your shoes; Make your way down from the masses; In through the halls, through the courts; Into His presence; Wash your feet, wash your hands; Make yourself new for the glory; And ...

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9. Velvet Thunder

This is a test for all who seek too; Have the freedom of speech forever; And consequently I am hear to speak to you; With the truth and love from our Father; So follow the Leaders and; Ill meet you th...

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