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1. 3 Feet Tall

3 feet tall; With a head like a bowling ball; Cant get up from where you fall; D'you bring this back to me? What’s it for? Stood in the clothes that you once wore; Stood up from the night before; D'yo...

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2. 86 Tv's

Feel so straight, and look so slow; But just you wait 'til I get you home; I saw you laughing on a TV show; Didn't think you'd know, all colours lead to black; Say you cant let go, and then you're nev...

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3. A Strange Arrangement Of Colour

A strange arrangement of colours, you found your feet where you put 'em, ; Im after you and your after me, the things that we say the things that we see, ; Chorus-; Where did you go, What did you see,...

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4. Astray

and times move so fast, and now there does not seem to be any; and once it felt that there was more than plenty; I do believe that something somewhere sent me; To you, astray, and the bald raging flam...

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5. Avenue Of Hope

Along the avenue of hope; The footsteps falter, the fingers grope; and days, stretch out, beneath the sun; No-one's born, and no-one dies, no-one lives, so no-one cries; and we wait to see just what w...

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6. Big Tears

How long have you worn that dress; The colours shows all the mess; But they dont want that kind of thing round here; You've been trying too hard it's clear; You've been dieing to dry those big tears. ...

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7. Black And Blue

Lights are shining all around this world; You want them all but what you want is this girl; You can stick those rules, they're just second best; They give you so much but you land up with less; They g...

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8. Cinders

Burnt my old place down; Sold the cinders to my council town; So rag your head and paint your face; The money's all been spent; You waited here outside of space; And you came and so I went; And you sa...

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9. Cuckoo

You stand like a rock, on top of the mountain; Run like a river, fall like a fountain; The grass still is growing, the wind still is blowing, about you; Reels like a strain, drinks like a scholar; Dro...

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10. Dark Star

A dark star follows me tonight; Filled with horror and delight; She’s come to make another son; A brother for the other one, who’s gone; The black storm on the pillow there, Is the colour of her hair;...

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11. Deep Blue Sea

Glad to see, Sad to say; And get my things and get away; I've got a light beam soul inside my head; To get my gear and knock 'em dead; Like the sunshine, and the moon glow; And the light thrown on a d...

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12. From Your Favourite Sky

Do you dare; Take a breathe; Do you dream of a tragic death; I know you do; Do you wail; Do you weap; Do you sing yourself to sleep; You delicate flower; And so what is love? And who am I; To dare to ...

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13. I Believe

I believe; in the hallelujah chorus of the shopping malls; we say we cant, we know we shant, well of course we shall; Cause I've seen, I believe; That we are forever something which is incomplete; we ...

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14. Junk Culture

Stepping into small life nowhere England; Shaking hands with the big life idiots I was; Trying to pick up some ordinary-ness; From the shopping bag inspirational quiet; Picking up a detail from a musc...

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15. Life In A Day

Life in a day; Fleet of foot; Full of grace; Love, mercy miles; Freedom fortune, such a filthy child; Life in a day; Life in a day; Stick your jokes, your hoax in a box; Chew the chains, loose the loc...

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16. Monkeys

You can take a million of the monkeys; Put 'em through a hoop; You can make a packet from the rackets; And boil down for soup; I can hear the sound of music; Lingering taste of the jewellery; You're t...

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17. No Fear Of Falling

Through my sleepless days I've found, That in my dreamless sleep I'm bound, To one night here the sound, of you calling, Do not stumble through tonight, Have no fear of falling. ; And if nobody got lo...

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18. Not A Reasoanble Man

You're not having this, and I'm not having that; I'm not a reasonable man, I've come for it back; Let 'em all in, don't you know that I love a crowd; But I wont get the jokes, cos the laughter's too l...

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19. Proof

Hey, could you stand another drink; I'm better when I don't think; It seems to get me through; Well, d'you wanna spin another line; Like we had a good time; Not that I need proof; Swell, we're living ...

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20. Stop Taking Photographs

Stop taking photographs, your brittle heart'll never bleed; Took your big head to succeed, it hasn't been a million laughs; So stop taking polaroids, of all the things that you avoid; There are no les...

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21. Storm Warning

Hell for leather, lathered, drunk, you're soused, You're pissed, you're sunk, The juke box now, is drunk, just along the way..... I had a call on saturday, to say I'd thrown; My friends away, reversed...

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22. The Great Escape

You were born with football boots and a sun tan complexion; You once thought that on reflection, you'd really got it made; You shrugged and smiled and made the usual excuses; You suffered small abuses...

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23. The Same Deep Water As Me

Swim out to the ocean; Drown your thought out at sea; And dip your hands in the water; The same deep water as me; You've been watching for cloudbursts; You've been praying for rain; Drench your soul i...

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24. The Taste Of Defeat

Scribbled on papers; It's written on walls; Slap that in classrooms; And assembled in halls; Screamed of in nightmares; Sweat from the street

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25. This House Is Haunted

Looks like a ruin, you think nothings doing, Under the arches, somethings still moving, We lie together, forever and ever, The truth be uncovered, no face in the mirror. ; I always said, you should le...

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26. To You

The gods and the saints preserve you, 'cause nobody here deserves you. I'm living my life in flashback, Since I lost my card for cashback. and I've gone to rack and ruin, Since I don't know what you'r...

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