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1. Chain Of Memories

Tell me why we have to be so selfish; In the way we think; And in the way we breathe; Aren't we better than our machines? Our hearts have turned to stone; We walk away from everything we've known; We ...

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2. Fallen

Though your mouth did smile; your eyes proclaimed; I could see through your heart; you didn't feel the same; You should have learned how to lie; learned from the best; learned from me; ?Cause when you...

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3. Fortune In Your Failure

The tides of man crash upon the rocks of relativity; Creating delusions of grandeur; I can't understand her; She's gone where I cannot follow; And she picks out my insides; Twisting, contorning her wa...

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4. Lights

I had a way then losing it all on my own; I had a heart then but the queen has been overthrown; And I'm not sleeping now, the dark is too hard to beat; And I'm not keeping now the strength I need to p...

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5. Move Slow (Feat. Elliot Coleman)

Sometimes, it's like the air after midnight; Is a little bit harder for me to breathe; Sometimes, I just need a little bit of time; To find some piece of mind; Sometimes, I just need you to move it; N...

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6. Tell Me The Truth

Something doesn't fell right; I can't sleep; I keep tossing and turning; And I'm dying in my dreams; I know it's there; I feel it like a splinter in my mind; It's almost like a nightmare; But I'm not ...

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7. Without Fear

No longer you will have to be afraid; I'm here to guide you; Here to show you the way; They're plotting against us; This blood is on your hands; They're plotting against us; We speak of brotherhood; I...

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