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1. Cross The Line

No communication; You don't know the steps you take, It's a violation; Every sing move you make; It's a strange sensation; You can feel it, in the air; You tell me that I crossed the line! The thought...

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2. Dust 2 Dust

Now it's the best you've ever had; Oohh.. How times have changed! Here is something to remember me; You live, you don't even care! All this time, I can still recall; Here and now, as you watch angels ...

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3. In The Air Tonight

I smell a mutiny, I feel it in the air; Still a million miles away; And don't fit anywhere; Just a piece of destiny, Our futures to be told! We raise our arms in unity, Our fortunes to behold! There's...

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4. Inside Of Me

Talk to me, say what you will; You are the voice that keep me still; You're inside of me; You're inside of me; So many times; So many times it's hard to lie; I'm alone with you; You're alone with me; ...

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5. King In Ruins

Close together, Miles apart inside.. Differences, we cannot seem to hide.. Fear and anger, Overcome your pride.. Messed up way of life, You need to get by... ; You know forever? It's such a long, long...

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6. Kiss Of Judas

There are places in our world; There are things that we don't know, No one can tell us; Common sense your only friend; And my right to question all those answers; I can't find; Just a ripple in the po...

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7. Pave The Way

Another casualty, another of your crimes; A fake reality intentions in disguise; A cross we have to hear a curse upon these times; One more victory a heartbeat lost in time; You never, you never; Hear...

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8. See You Again

Say never in a thousand years, do we shed the tears; Do we know the price of war; Forever and a single day; Would it end this way, I never ask you for more; Didn't have the words to say, like a child ...

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9. Silent Genocide

Close your eyes on the pillow soft at night; Lock the doors, hoping everything's alright; Say your prayers, knowing nothing is forever! What's life if you cannot be alive? What are dreams if you strug...

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10. Stay a While

Stranger in this town, Always on the lookout, on the run; You almost couldn't care, Yet loneliness is there; Drowing on the seas of madness, Broken heart to weigh you down, You desperately try, But yo...

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11. This Is My Life

Here I stand, I'm ready for another day. When everything you know may never be the same. Now's the time, to say what's really on my mind! Reality is lurking through these eyes of mine! Now! Through th...

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12. Wasted Wonders

I raise the bar can't set my sights too high; Why can't you see it's futile not to try; All those moments lost in time; Will you search for all your; Wasted wonders; Gone are those days forever; Strai...

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