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1. Indifference

There's a dark cloud over my head, Questions being thoughts unsaid. A feed of delusion, a grand confusion, Impossible to evade. It's not the scenes of a lost mans dream, That makes him yearn for his w...

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2. Odium

Still I screech. How can i be so surprised? So overwhelmed by life? There's just no way to cure me, I'm subdued by society. Empty words, oh empty thoughts. Sickness spreads, soon to reach my heart. Al...

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3. Raised To Hate

I understand your doubt, you've surely got a story to tell, We all have our kinds of hell. Mine started up with death of unconditional love, And ended up, where I stand today. I'm;; Too scared to love...

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4. Somnambulate

And it goes back to where I always begin, Keeping all my hopes up high. There's just no chance too breath in, And the moment's gone. Can't cope with life no more, So I close my eyes. In hope of better...

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