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1. Brain Damage

Blind they pull us to the cliffs; Watch yourself they're just sent to kill. Are we afraid of falling short; It's misdirection I've seen. ; We are the sons and daughters of broken homes; Kings of great...

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2. Love & Despair

Look in my eyes; They are like the ocean blue and confused; I'm a mess; Heard the wind was just a whisper of greatness to know and to be; Look in my brain a storm without an ending; Searching for help...

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3. Saints & Sinners

Can we turn the clock to yesterday; When I thought I was enough,enough,enough; And I'm thinking about the things you said under your breath; Were too well heard; What you want and what you need is vai...

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4. Take Me Away

Trophies on my bedroom mantle never meant much to me. It was all to make you happy or something of the sort. Think I'll build a boat sail somewhere I can be myself. But who is that? Who is that? Son i...

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5. The Elevator

Weathered by the New York sun; The elevator, Twenty-seven seconds later; She finds herself in the middle of his room; The taxicab is right outside; This is our time; Without a doubt I know this is our...

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