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1. Battle For Hearts and Minds

I cannot fight, I haven't got a sword or a gun; Even if I did, I'm not sure whose side I'de be on; 'cos love battles harder than the hate that we possess; And the battles get harder, when you start sa...

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2. Bruises

Bruises on feet that won't stop walking; Voices won't stop talking; They melt my eardrums to the brain; Exactly what they're saying, I guess we'll know in time; And what for now? I guess you're more t...

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3. Far Enough Away

Running on a wall, trying to keep my feet warm when it's cold; Getting it wrong again, doing exactly what we're told; Watching bottles on a wall, they're inviting me to watch them when they fall; Gett...

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4. Monsters Dash

Running from catchers; Where were you, did you hear me call? Monsters dash, angels hide; I won't let this go

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5. Nice Try

Nice try, but I won't pass on this; A high-five to everyone who helped you miss; Nice try, but how we gonna make this fit; It's high time for somebody to help with it; Maybe you will get yourself out;...

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6. No Wonder

I woke up today, just for a little bit; Tried to fix a part of me, it just made me sick; Like it always did; It's no wonder; I remember days, you would call me up; I remember ways, I could make you st...

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7. Nun

Hanging around with you it's like the sunshine's always out; So I move in with you - I move straight back out; I've got someone, a little something for you; Like pouring rain on snow or a stone inside...

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8. So Long Ago

We listen to one another thought we don't know why; It made sense when we were together, it made sense to cry; How we hold out our arms; Fold them around each others pain; But in the end we gain nothi...

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9. The Us

I took my time, and got a little lost; I was not told, and had a feeling I'd been crossed; If you think I'm looking a little grey; It's just the way I'm feeling these days; Is this the us you've falle...

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10. You've Found Love

When you know you've found love; It will show in your skin; It will shine in your eyes; For the rest of your life; You've found love

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