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1. Air

I wouldn't be laughing in your shoes; I wouldn't do that if I was you; I wouldn't be laughin' in your shoes, no way; Better watch out what you wish for; Think long and hard what you live for; Better w...

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2. Feelin' Alright

Seems I've got to have a change of scene; 'Cause ev'ry night I have the stangest dreams;; Imprisoned by the way it could have been, Left here on my own or so it seems. I've got to leave before I start...

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3. Go Back In Time

If you take off your shoes, then you can walk all over me; But I've been abused, caught up in the crush of the cavalry; I took for granted all of those yesterdays; I'm still enchanted, by you so I got...

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4. Good Friend

Yes, you lean on whatever I need and I love it; It makes me smile and it makes me bleed; Can't get off it; I'd like to be wrong, but I just might be right; It seems we're in need of a good friend toni...

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5. I Will

Sing out, so I can hear you once again; You're in my mind now; No doubt that I will always be your friend; Your pictures here, with me, again; Slow days, so slowly they start to feel; They never end h...

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6. Miss Valencia

It's easy to believe we're all the same; Everyone's familiar as a stranger in this game; I helped you put your coat on in the rain; And gave you everything to watch you close your eyes again; Buying i...

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7. Not Alone

If I could turn, run with a kiss; Would you surrender, maybe resist; Letting it go, all that there is; Make an escape and walk out on this; Swimming in wine, you'll be the first in line to fall; So fa...

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8. One Thing

Take the wheel, 'cuz I can't drive this car; I've taken it all so far; To find out what you are; To light your shinning star; It's tearing me all apart, yeah; Shot away, a night out on the town; A que...

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9. Out There

If you could only see yourself, the way I see you; Would your world remain a stage, or would it break you; Is it you or someone else, who chose to stay inside your universe; And hid behind the mask yo...

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10. Oxygen

She's as thin as oxygen, floating in my head again; I wish that I could breathe her in like smoke; Falling off the tracks again, crawling up your back, before you know it; She's beneath your skin like...

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11. Plasticine

I can roll you in velvet my queen of the dammed; Take you home to a place that you won't understand; You can take what you want, you can take all you can; I'll unravel your dreams with your life in my...

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12. This Time Around

Tell me I'm wrong, Tell me that you're strong, Tell me it's all over, Kick me into overdrive, Throw me a lifeline, Get me on my feet, Take me to the other side, Get me off the street, Beggin you pleas...

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13. Wake Me When It's Over

I breathe in the air to the rhythm as I watch you sleep; I wait for the chemicals pull me underneath; You sold me your wings but I still can’t fall away; Cuz its warm in my head and I’m crashing again...

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14. Waterfall

If i walk away; would it be the same; if i was afraid; could i find a way; if you fall through my hands like a beachful of sand would you still understand what i say; you showered me with love; and i ...

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