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1. Black Mirror

God you've made the mud and the snow; But your creatures associate with mud the black skin; And with snow the thoroughbred stock; Birkenau can you hear the screams of the fiery soul of the jewish chil...

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2. Breathing Thin Air

With eyes in the ceiling and all that I think of is you; Sadness is creeping like animals, weeping; Be true; It's growing inside me this feeling I'm mourning for you; Believing that nothing is somethi...

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3. Do U Call?

Relief from your dreams, nearly heresy; Tried all these years to avoid the grapevine; Who do you call when you cry? Sweet harmony with all mankind; Gotta believe creation of the mind; Where are those ...

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4. From This Prison

Daylight blinds me it's cold darkness surrounds me; Body and heart sold for the cheapest offer; Always there for everyone, here for me anyone; No one I'd want here to be; Enchanting and terrible screa...

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5. Nicotine Days

Battered by your biting sarcasm; I don't wanna be; Feasting on your table decked with empty words; Had rather not be there; You've raised all the walls to keep me from escaping but I got rid of them; ...

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6. The Gloomy Show

Semmu un pugnu di pupi maniati da li mastri putenti; Ballari e cantari un ni piaci ma l'ammu a fari pi forza; Tagghiami li fila patruni ca vogghiu scappari di cà; Why do you play with my freedom for t...

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7. To Keep You Away

Bewildered, with disdain thy steal your smiles; Can somebody please try to tell me why; Is it right to accept the existance of a love and thought police if it hurts so bad? No matter how much love you...

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8. Without Light

I pray for the liberation of hate and rage against the wall of hypocrisy you've built for us; You've created for us.I can't materialize the sadness that lingers inside me; The night is no longer a coz...

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