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1. Bad Party

Candles and flashlights; Is all that we have now; Was about time to let me go; Light's been falling down; Dino'ld, they're sitting; There's no one in mood; The kids ain't just kidding; They're making ...

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2. Cappadocia

A long road trying to find; Baccata plants, an endless line; Afraid to go, afraid to start; A matter of life or delight; It tries to tell you how to feel; As if it was something real; Asking yourself ...

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3. Last Chance

This may be my chance; To make things right; This romance; Through you I see the sky; I've been wondering; If life's waiting our love; I've been waiting; But I can't wait no more; I heard our song tod...

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4. Lonely Shadows

People giving up on me; And dreams echoing through my head; I'm giving up on me; My memories staying in my bed; Stars are hiding tonight; Hiding faster than I thought; Guitar, please; Emptiness inside...

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5. Made For

Right in a battle for my own devotion; I'm in a battle with my own emotion; And wherever you are; Let me be the one; Love can care it all; Love can care it all

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6. Soldier

Do you need another soldier? To be standing on your shoulders; Do you let it control you? Tired of being your holder; Yeah, they act like the pretenders; In a war they're all losers; As I was told to ...

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7. Temporary Brights

When the day becomes real; And the night becomes a dream; When we are as never been; And time is not what it seens; I'll be failing; And learning, and running; Suffering to be; What they would expect ...

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8. Valley Of Love

Once upon a time; the spring would shine in all; The ones asking for a beauty soul; to walk along; In a world where love is set; to pull you down; A lonely rose has arrived to change it all; When both...

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9. Won't Be Seen

I can be just another Brian; The mother's only son; Maybe just another liar; The most desperate one; I was your own kind of model; Twenty ways to see the world; Tasting exposure as a venom; Being my o...

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