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1. Destiny Song

Once upon a time another fucking day; we live at a dragon's mouth gone of our earth; this is not a fairy tale living like a slave; so tell me something tell me the truth tell me why I am; O.K. O.K. de...

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2. E-power

This is my way of self-realization, you must feel that inner strenght from me; I have one guitar and only six strings, one of them is fucking called "E"; That is me and that is you; this is E...power;...

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3. Hangover

I know something wanna kill me, but too slowly; headaches are my only true friends almost daily; Oh my god look at my fight; with a bottle with a passion; what's the pain so close to my heart; it sign...

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4. Train

Memories wake you up; you don't know how to escape from them; You're turning your brain round; you cry, cry from a dream; Sadness and hate; you commemorate where runs the... train, train, train; Her l...

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