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1. Act Of Lunacy

Torture and brutality i see through the eyes of insanity; Dual instincts of perversity which i cannot escape from; Twisted and deformed nightmares materialized in flesh; Abnormal revel in pain labyrin...

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2. Circle Of The Flesh

Chapter one deals with the pain of pleasure; A circle committing themselves to pain; Gathered in a distance place far away; Ancestral darkness born; Acts divine of blasphemy; Release your fears of sou...

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3. Comatose

Silent and transparent; Spreading through the mist of time; Creeping over land subversive; A veil of nerve wrecking damage; Daylight vanish into nothingness; Unnatural balance of nature; Deafening scr...

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4. Extreme Hatred

Violent acts blacken my brain; Alive insanity grows; Here and now is the time to slay; I will never lose control; My eyes search in blasphemy; Of you hated object still alive; Hand of doom comes crush...

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5. Traumatic Sufferin

Out of shape totally blind eternal years spent suffering; Memories of the pain comes haunting as my lifetime expires; Desolation always present eyes open wide at dawn; Afraid to awake no more this pai...

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