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1. Beyond The Sky

We're talking about long and endless; Red blood sunsets fading to pale dawn; Like a shady line between the shining day; And the dark one; We're living hand in hand with God; And having our feet throug...

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2. Chains Around The Time

Chains around the time; This is the time to liken our secret lives; You love, your God, your honest world; And now remember that there's only one way; To break the chains with passed time; [BRIDGE]; D...

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3. Eyes Full Of Fire

Burns my eyes, the rage against the world; There's no one, who can move my soul; [BRIDGE 1]; Until I'll be the king of the world, I'll fight; Until I'll live my war goes on and on; Take glory with you...

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4. Labyrinth

We don't know the destination; Like the tears fall from your face; In a lake of lies they're falling; Lost in labyrinth of mind; [BRIDGE]; I want to know the right direction; To find the promised land...

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5. Neverending Wind

To reach for the sky and search a new land; Of wisdom and hope where stone is unscarred; No devastation, there's no domination; In front of divine judgement day; Cause the wind will take me away; No g...

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6. Perpetual Burn

Look at the passed time; Someone hoped; Someone cried; Someone died; There's no mercy in the sky; To scape from the past; To forget my mistakes; And to find; A real reason to live; [BRIDGE]; Victory; ...

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7. Shade Of Sin

Each day I ask to myself; Where's the house of God; Each day I try to find it; But I find me all alone; Air: Walls of air are falling down; Now this is what I see; [CHORUS]; Shade of sin; Walking thru...

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8. The Mirror Of Soul

It's time to open your wings; It's time to know the absolute truth; It's time to throw the mask away; And figt against sorrow and fear; [CHORUS]; Inside the mirror of soul; You'll find the reflection ...

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9. Till The End Of Time

Look at the red sunset; When the sky crosses the nile; Look at the horizon; God came with his temple; [bridge]; Lost in the mist of the past; The secret remains; It'll never see the light; Under a cen...

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