Hymn For The Tortured

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1. Doctrine Of Intorsion

Fulfill the doctrine of consequence; deprive the body of serenity; a dying wish for a reaction; begins a trail of nightmares yet to end; lucidity and wrath; crave on your darkest thoughts; to satisfy ...

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2. Secreted Flesh Excretion

Secretion of the flesh; Decaying process; Habitual intoxication; A wasted creation; A wretched touch; Asphyxiation on words that should not have been spoken; Limb from limb shutting down slowly corrod...

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3. Tyrant Of The Deceased

A morbid crypt unearthed in fear; a plague initiated curse; This tarnished vase of dangling entrails; The horror awaits its doing; With a macabre ghastly spoil; Dismaying its horrid acts; I patiently ...

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