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1. Disconnect Me

i want to believe that there's something left; as i lay here lifeless; i can't afford these lies that you sell; how could you seem to be ok; with starting over while i'm still here; and now the cycle'...

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2. Killer Inside

It's a messed up world; Please deliver me; From this mess that i've become; Messed up world; You could teach me. you could save me. ; Sending chills across my skin; When i hear you whisper; Beckoning ...

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3. Live Another Day

you beautifully strange; you brilliantly insane; never could awake; fell in love with poison; and pumped it through your veins; darling open your eyes; and live another day; you numbing the pain; you ...

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4. No Fury

given the chance to run... given the chance to flee the scene... wonder which way you'd turn? wonder if you would turn to me? given the chance to run.... given the chance to pass me by.... would you r...

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5. Savior

seems to me we're running out of time; this self-destructive nature plagues our lives; drowning in a sea of our demise; would you rescue me from this mess we've left behind; cause you could be my savi...

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