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1. Angel's Lullaby

I see you in my dreams every night; And i try so hard to forget all the memories; that you bring to me in my sleep; I can see you smiling at me again; Why'd you have to go so early? Why'd you have to ...

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2. Eva

6:30 winter morning; Snow keeps falling, silent dawn; A rose by any other name; Eva leaves her Swanbrook home; A kindest heart which always made; Me ashamed of my own; She walks alone but not without ...

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3. Mirror Of Tears

My lust, your fright; Your love, my sore; My wish, your deepest scar; My warmth, your shelter; Your smile, my sickness; My demands will never stop; You belong to me…; Come make all of my dreams get lo...

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4. Safeguard To Paradise

Memories that fade away; Have not left their mark; But you live on, every single day; In many different ways; It's the truth between his cunning lies; That hands him the suspicious alibis; Persuading ...

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5. Sober Dreams

Only in my dreams; Show me the whisper of your sadness; Show me the dark side of your soul; After all this would it be still possible; To hold you tonight? ; Blind for your light so insane... I can´t ...

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