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1. Die Alone

behind the enemy light; the death waits for me; with your grey skin; calling me; triyng to take my mind; trying to take my life; i dont want to die alone; with your tube holding me; i dont want to die...

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2. Ethereal Domain

Strange; Place; Beyond the physical laws; Far; Away; From the universe knows; Ghost; Zone; Borders of human perception; Mind; Collapse; Guided for the real truth; Why we don? t listen the signs; Playi...

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3. Extinction

When the lights from the sky; Descending From Earth; Bringing Chaos and Death for Mens; Destroying our Planet; ; The coming of Them; Bringing Destruction; The Coming of Them; For our Extinction; ; tak...

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4. Grey Skin Enemy

This war begins; When we escape from their labs; Searching peace and a good life; Our past is evolved of shadow; But a few of us hide this terrible past; The humanity is ready for this awful truth; Th...

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5. Ideology War

In this tiny planet We Live; With Some Believes Conflitants; Folks Think Diferent and Fight; Is Genocide Fuelled By Faith; Killing people destroyng cultures is a crime and Insanity; We live in the sam...

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6. Majestic

Secrets; Hidden from us; Invisible; For our eyes; Discover; A new technology; Weapon; For twisting your mind; DNA; Human reject; Reverse engineer; Majestic: alien project; Majestic: alien project; Maj...

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7. Revolution

Grey creatures are hunting me; Searching slaves for their legion; Your prophecy is complete; My end is near! Mind domination; They fucked my brain; Mind domination; Revolution; I Got my mind in Rage; ...

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8. Sacrifice

Tell me your Truth; And I laugh; Don´t Waste Your Time With Me; Because I´m free; Sacrifice your time; To Spread Your Truth; But you forget; It´s Your´s not my truth; Many Ages Has Passed; And Our “Cr...

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9. Spiritual Energy

When the universe blows in darkness; Life and death being after laws; Our existence is not the supremacy; Empty space: the black light; See the red stars; The flames will melt your skin; I'll be the s...

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10. Tiamat

Made up the cosmos interconnected with the life; The existence of new ages, races and generations; Interrupting the natural cycle modifying the solar system; On Earth are the marks of history about th...

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