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1. Age Of Heroes

Timeless vision of an age where the battles always rage; Gods did wander on the earth; And the legends came to birth; Glorious legions march to war; Runes of magick on their sword; Tyrant kings rule t...

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2. An Age Undreamt Of

After mu and atlantis sank like stones down in the sea; When the sons of aryas; Were still not in divine dreams; Then we were born; The world still young and mysterious; Sorcery so strong and true; Wa...

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3. Aquilonian Battlecry

Mightiest of kingdoms; Of the dreaming west; Noble race of warriors; With a glorious past; Mitras from the heavens; Blesses our might; Gods of war and carnage; Stand by our side; Aquilonian battlecry!...

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4. Barbaric Mysticism

My mind is shaking, distorted by the vision; Wisdom coming from the womb of time and space; A subtle intuition of the lost arts of magick rites; Mastered by contemplating peace with gods on high; Barb...

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5. Behind The Mirror

Far away, far beyond valusia's line; People say lives a wizard old as time; What is true, what is false he only knows; For he's watched in his mirrors long ago; Crystal visions gleam from beyond the s...

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6. Blood, Steel and Glory

We're coming from long ago; From a world you've never seen; Where legends and gods are real; And the sword's your destiny; Barbarians of a new age, rulers of the world; Screaming our battle cry for th...

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7. Bringers Of Chaos

From the west they came to plunder; Painted demons born of the night; Spilling blood with stones and axes; Shamans high on human flesh, they have come; From the east they came to conquer; Riders from ...

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8. Call Of The Messenger

Where is the glory that my father foretold me; When I was young and full of hopes? Too long I've lived in the walls of this; Castle I was deaf to my fate and its call; But now I hear distant voices in...

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9. Cimmerian's Blues

Don't know, I don't know; I don't know where I am bound to go; Aesir and vanir they fight too much; To fill my bag with their gold; To the north I've been told; Wizards rule in shadows of old; Hyperbo...

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10. Drums Of Pictdom

Birds are silent, all is still; Drums are pounding in the night; On your back an ancient thrill; Fear and terror in your eyes; From the jungle they came come; Painted faces in the night; Armed with ax...

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11. Eastern Swords

We were born far from here; In the white sands of Hyrkania; Now we reign proud and free; From Vilayet to Zamora; Akhlat and Zamboula; Court of Aghrapur; Splendid under the sky; The land where we rule;...

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12. Eyes Of The Serpent

Unquestioned rulers of the manless times; Through; Centuries the ancient race survived; Dethroned by men that once have been their; Slaves; Their sorcery will turn the wheel of fate; Don't look in the...

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13. Heavy Metal Heaven

We are living in a hard time; Full of concrete, glass and steel; Maybe that's why we like rock'n'roll; It makes you feel like an iron wheel; We are the heavy metal warriors; Our music is hard, tough a...

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14. Hyborian Steel

Ride! Down from the North we have come, led by Borri the great; With eyesas grey as the steel burning with heathens rage; Born to enslave and to conquer; Let our enemies taste; Hyborian Steel; We shal...

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15. Pirates Of The Black Coast

Rulers of the western sea; Terror of the stygian kings; Wind is always at our back; Raise the flag for the attack; We're soldiers of fortune, to no one we belong; Gods of sea now listen to our battle ...

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16. Power Of The Ancient Rites

Bring back the power of the ancient rites; For these days we need their secret to survive; Oracles silenced, gods turned to stone; But something's still alive, deep in the sacred grove; Lying there wa...

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17. Rise and Fall (The Imperial Chronicles)

Proud jewel of hyboria, the splendor of the dreaming west; The mighty aquilonia, whose warrior spirit knows no rest; The golden lion banners shall fly upon each nation's mast; The stout bossonian arch...

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