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1. 24 Hours

Verse 1; I take a deep breath and unload every thought; Everything I've ever known anything I was taught; When I think I'm on a roll I have to slow down; Cuz my words get ahead of myself I know how; T...

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2. A Life Time

HUSH - A LIFETIME; ; Every single morning before I wake up lonely; I feel you here beside me but I know it’s only; a fading shadow, an illusion; every little thing reminds me of you; every shining col...

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3. Fired Up

[chorus]; My crew is all fired up; Y'all better just wise up; Everybody gettin' sized up; Before we all rise up; Start runnin' your times up; Cuz' when my crew ride up; The sky gon' light up; Everybod...

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4. Get Down

Chicka, chicka, get down. This is one of those songs, when people hearing this; Will try to judge me, demoted from being a lyricist; Thats why I put the MC before Hush, because I insist; Of being in c...

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5. Hush Is Coming

(eminem); “Turn my vocals up a little bit more Scott… all of ‘em…”; “Yeah… uh huh…”; Verse 1 (hush); I’m caught up inside a tornado and sucked in; By a rainstorm holding a hairdryer that’s plugged in;...

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6. Let It Breathe

Verse 1: Hush; I was born with the rhythm before Ra had hit 'em; Before Pac had spit 'em with shots full of venom; And glocks was to kill him Big Poppa was the villian; Jay Roc-A-Fella'd 'em Dre split...

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7. Lovestruck

Every little thing he does is so magic, magic; and every time I see his smiling eyes; I get so happy, happy; and it feels just like I’m so in love again; Heaven is a raindrop falling on a dry spot; fi...

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8. Off To Tijuana

(Sampled from Eminem's "Criminal"); *Eminem whistling*; [Teller] Hi; [Eminem] How you doin'? [Teller] How can I help you? [Eminem] Yeah, I need to make a withdrawal... *gun cocks* Put the fucking mone...

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9. Put 'em Down (shake The Ground)

Verse 1; I'm the next new kid not on the block; But I will knock your block off quick not with a glock; But 2 guns and knuckles that bring pain; It's a shame you couldn't spit venom on my name; Is it ...

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10. Real TV

(feat. Bizarre); Bizarre: "Boys and girls... this is a broadcast brought to you by... some real ghetto Detroit shit..."; [Verse 1]; I tried to come up with a speech that heat seeks; In a mans last sta...

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11. Rock Shit

[Verse 1: Bareda]; May I have your attention please; I'm sorta like a motivation speach on vintage keys; You'll see I ain't the same nigga I used to be, but you'll get used to me; I've changed, got so...

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12. Senchimentaru

Senchimentaru ni omae wo saratte; Hi no nai tokoro de kemuri wo tanoshimau; Deki sugita uso ni nomi komarenai you ni; Mukidashi no mama de suppadaka no tamashii de; Bataa mitai ni tokashite yaru ze; J...

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13. Sometimes

Sometimes I can smell the sulphurous air; sometimes crows gather everywhere; strange little things creep up the hills; poisoning my will; I never, ever meant to do you wrong; do you wrong; the time ha...

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14. Superstar

[Verse 1]; Hey yo it's funny nowadays how these fools see rap; As a Road to the Riches like Kool G Rap; And most people see me and think "Damn, not again; They signed another guy who's a friend of Emi...

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15. The March

Verse 1; I gotta get what I can and what I don't I gotta take; If it means everything than its something I gotta shake; I gotta grip on this game so they call me the King Kong; With guns drawn out wit...

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16. Woodpecker

Verse 1; 1 for the money 2 for the ho ho's; 3 for my homies in them lo lo's; 4 for the shots at the po po's; 5 for my bitches out there getting' dough though; I walk up in the club what you say boy; M...

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