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1. Allah Forbid

The mob life, federal felonies; I can't believe the shit these people tellin' me; I coulda been a President instead of just sellin' D; My mother is a queen she gave birth to ya majesty; Federal feloni...

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2. Funky Fresh

Hus talking]; Turn the music up, just the way I like it you know; Hus, straight mobbin' tho; H-U-S-A-L-A-H, H-U-S, H-U-S; [Verse 1]; This is the funky fresh Husalah song; Sorry that I made y'all wait ...

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3. Sawh Pawh Allah

[Hus talking]; Lil Kelis and Lay gotta eat bro; Let's do it, yeh, yo yo yo it's nothin'; [HOOK]; Let's get this motherfuckin' money; I thank Allah that I'm a sharp man; But I live my life in the dark ...

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4. Shock The Place

[Husalah]; Ah DJ; Ah DJ; Ah DJ; Won't you rock the bass? Ah D-Boy; Won't you shock the place? Ah don't stop; What you gonna do? Ah 1, 2; What you gonna do? Ah don't stop; Ah don't stop; Hip hop; To th...

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5. So Ill, So Dope

Husalah so ill, Husalah so dope; Nigga fuck a wife all my life I sold dope; The projects baby; twenty-four stackin' dough pushin' coke ya-ye; come on baby, ride wid the Husalah; Young cool game from t...

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6. Through The Night

I ain't never been under a nigga always been my own man; In my own dope spot wid my own coke; My own tree my own tech wid breathin' holes; Cash out my o.g. nig i need three of those; And when i come b...

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