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1. Crazy

Telephone got my number; Tv be watchin' me; Radio turns me on; I'm full of electricity; Glowin' in the dark, I can't sleep; The sound of atomic guitars in my hands; I can't take it, oh no; Turn the li...

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2. Dirty Streets

Little by little; You slide from the light; Down in a dark part of town; You're here for the night; You're too weary now; To put up a fight; She'll lead you to the underground; Of dirty delights; Way ...

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3. Feelin' High

A lonely highway that; Shines like a mercury dime; Don't know where it goes; Caught in slow motion, but; That doesn't bother my mind; Got plenty of time; Feelin' high; Didn't I tell you; I'd soon be o...

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4. Nothin Me

Nothin' new about it; L could do without it; Comin' home alone to find; It's just the same old same old; Nothin' new about me; And the sky's so cloudy; Now you've gone away; I wait and wait to see a r...

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5. Open Your Eyes

And there in the darkness a vision; A light will come shining through; No, don't cry you've got to believe; You've only to wait till tomorrow; Where truth ends the lies begin; The shadows are closing ...

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6. Run For Your Life

They say you're a rebel; Beautiful loser - maybe so; Maybe you'd best be on your way; The score isn't settled; Till someone's up on the whipping post; You're pushing too hard, you're getting too close...

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