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1. Bleed For Me

Bleed for me believe in you; Close your eyes and take a look at me; You're too blind for what you wanna see; Dark and red's the place you need to go; Take the knife and plunge it in real slow; I'll re...

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2. Don't Wanna Dream

So another day is over; As the red sky faeds to grey; And I feel just like a prisoner; Ever since you went away; Each time I close that door; Night beings; I'll turn out the lights; But I know, when I...

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3. Happy To Be Your Fool

No one made me do it no one had to beg; Got myself right in it shot up shot out and shook a leg; Didn't sign no contract didn't leave no mark; Oh 'cause when I saw you baby my heart reeled from the st...

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4. Heart Made Of Stone

Foolish little boy with your hand on your gun; What makes you think if you're faster that you must have won; Fury is a fire an unquenchable flame; When it's burned its way through you; You won't even ...

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5. In My Dreams

Lookin' out into the distant night; Frozen earth under a velvet sky; Pull my jacket tight to keep me warm; Now I close my eyes and think of you; I long to watch you when you're sleepin'; The breath of...

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6. It's Your Life

You have stained the faithful and tied them 'round your neck; Dragged around from year to year and changed their intellect; You can call yourself a leader 'cause it's tattooed on your face; But only y...

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7. New God

Movin' slowly across time now; I begin to hear what you are thinkin' I hear you thinkin'; Grab a foothold watch it grow now; Never touch the world that you are sinkin' we're all sinkin'; And we're bli...

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8. Over The Edge

You'll spend it in darkness; In this dream with no sound; I'm caught in a crosswind; That won't let me rest or be found; Am I losing my senses? Are my senses just learning to feel? This soul seems too...

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9. River Gold

Long ago and far away let me take you to another day; Back to when the wind was free and honour stood with purity yeah; If we could look back and remind ourselves then think what could be; I know of s...

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10. Shelter

Reachin' into the sky prayin' for the Gods to make it rain; Feelin' it's do or die will I ever make it back again; Nothin' can defeat me I have come too far to let it go; Only you complete me now I kn...

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11. Shine

Life can deal you a lousy hand; And again it seems this one's been dealt to you; You tell yourself tomorrow's another day; But what will change what could make it go your way; Nowhere left to turn no ...

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12. Torn

Gave it more than you will ever know; Diggin' almost half way to my core; You and I we burn from different fires but; There was somethin' in the flame that kept it warm; You can't sleep with your deni...

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