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1. Living Lost and Broken

He used to be everything he was, used to see everything he saw; He used to be the happiest person, used to have it all; But in a blink of a second, things turned black he lost his transmission and the...

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2. Paradise

If I was made of stone; You would be made of sand; I tried to catch you on the run; but you flowed out of my hands; I was a rolling stone bending by throne; but every night I tell why; When the moon i...

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3. Right One

Do you ever wonder what is happening inside you; When you're close at hand it's happening inside me; Do you ever see the light hiding in the shadow; That's where I've been trying to ignite you; Saying...

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4. You Are The sun

You missed your bus that night; When life went from wrong to right; I could not see it then; That life has an happy end; And when the horizon fell; We walked by the alley; And looked up to the shiny s...

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