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1. Give Your Soul To Hell

Tonight I’ll be looking for; dark signs in the eyes; Tonight my veins’ll be rotten; but I never mind; I will be in the dark; awaiting for my prey where the humans lie; It will be all the same; It’s an...

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2. Particle Acelerator

Faster than thunder; Looking for destruction; Living like another human boy; Raising a killer deep inside our heads; This weeken we´ll strike again; We are the accelerators! We are the only ones; Who ...

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3. Revelations

There is a place where people play like children; There is a place to learn how we are; where the war is not a word with meaning; and the love surrounds all lives; Cry if you feel unlucky; Scream if y...

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4. Rocking God

This life; Is a joke; You’ve nothing but you dream on; Feelings, hope, love and hate; They are only illusions; Chemical waves; You can’t know if the world is real; The only sure thing is that your dea...

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5. Soul Asylum

Broken soul; chained with pain; nights of sorrows; frozen veins; Through the winter I come; then I see your eyes; Room of silence; overwhelming walls; no sense existence; in this material world; Throu...

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6. Time Of Fate

It’s hard to find a way; It’s not enough to choose a faith; I want to take out that chains; I wasted my tears now I understand; I wouldn’t like to be one more idiot; my future is lost there is no reli...

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7. Walking Barefoot

I used to believe that after all this time; I had learned something about life. but now, I’m walking barefoot; in the huge ocean of my mind; And you, who seem to be my friend; why are you going away? ...

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8. Wild Heart

Relax yourself in a cup of spanish red wine; baby I look for sex I don’t need your heart; I don’t care about your fucking life style; just swallow me it all with a great smile; Baby I know that your a...

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