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1. Break This

She's walking on time; She's breaking right through; She's lost in a cuff and can't get out to you; You're buying her love; She's empty enough; The joke cold heart could fill her right up; S'not eaten...

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2. Jimmy Dean

I don't wanna make love; I wanna fuck with no feeling;; I don't want no sweet valentine; I want a shot of jack to forget this time;; and yes I think your pretty; but I don't give a shit what you have ...

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3. Judy

She's making up stories about my life, Pushing for me to think twice, Making all my wrongs feel right. And I can survive out on my own; But you're forcing me to be alone. I'm forgetting what I already...

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4. Revenge

Revenge it ain't a sweet thing, revenge it ain't a sweet thing. ; I heard a rumor today, that you were coming my way. I felt the sickness, the shame, then the anger. You saw my faith in you bend, it w...

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5. Scarface

She's fighting off her last demise, Trying to live a simple life, Her road is crooked got dead ends, Her smile is painted and pretend. She's broken in and been roughed up, She'll drink it off it's not...

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6. Staten Island Dream Tour

She always claimed to be a bad-ass girl; She said 'nobody can touch me, nobody can hit my world'; So I just stood aside and watched her fall to her knees; Until the day she stopped saying 'fuck you' a...

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7. This Bull Rides Tonight

Dot all your I's, cross your T's; And send your letter out to me; Cause it's getting colder; And we're getting older; And you keep trying to leave; So build up that guard against me; You're tougher th...

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8. Treadmills Of Love

Tell all my friends I'm not home, I'd rather go this alone; My mind been blown to pieces, my life an empty thesis; All those things I thought I stood for, left outside your boyfriends front door; All ...

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9. Typical

Picking up the pieces of last night's concerns; Waiting for my breakfast that i feel i've earned; And i know that i can be difficult; Excuses, bored and sick of them. So cop out and say that your hand...

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