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1. 24 Hour Party Zone

i'll tell you something; i like your smile; if you're not busy; i'll be here for a while; i've got your number; on my speed dial; when i call you up; you gotta come on down; and strut that sexy style;...

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2. ‘lectric Lover

‘lectric lover; i sleep in on sunday; nothing’s gonna get me up; ‘cause plugging in on monday; is gonna come soon enough; if i touched your body; would your love glow in the dark? is it nice when you’...

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3. How do I Forget?

how do i forget? i know the cause; i know the reason; i know it’s over; but i just can’t believe it; i don’t want you back; i don’t want romance; i don’t want your love; i don’t want another chance; t...

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4. Who's Gonna Love U Now?

it's only fitting; that while we were splitting; you were lying on his bedroom floor; I was sitting; on the phone mind spinning; you were lying in my ear once more; there's ladders and snakes; and we'...

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5. Why Can't U Understand

I was working in a movie theatre; when I saw this girl and I wanted 2 meet her; so I let her in the double feature for free; After work she was by my car; she said, "I need a ride, and it's not very f...

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