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1. Down So Low

Living under bridges for too long; I need to stand up to walk on; And shake the dust from what I hide; Didn't think I was one to give in; So sure I could beat the feeling; Maybe I could turn this roun...

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2. Easy

Seating here in the middle of somewhere; what time it is I don't care; something else is on my mind; yeah I'm running up to glasses; she don't wild the ..passes; 'cause I know you'll be right on time;...

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3. Guessing Games

Someone gave me the key to life; But I lock myself outside; And I'm waiting for someone to let me in! I'm stuck out here in the pouring rain; Can anybody see me through the window pain; I just need to...

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4. Heart Of Stone

The air is getting cold; You're out there on your own; Like a ghost becoming real; They try to beat you down, Too strong to stand your ground; Every burn and bruise will heal; How I wish you would fol...

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5. Oh Mother

You know I'm everything I am because of you; what I carry in my head you gave that to; now the moments count round; going with the moving ground; oh yeah; ; Well I know you care too much for your own ...

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6. Sitting At Home

Are you from out of space? 'Cause it feels like my whole mind's been erased; Now it's totally blank, it's totally blank; I fill it up with things you said; Yeah, you take me away; It's like we're drin...

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