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1. Clouds

Clouds look like mountains your eyes they look like stars; We will fill our hands with clay; And try to shape our hearts; Seeing life through windows touching panes of glass; Crying toward our childre...

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2. Firm Foundation

Unchanged remains the strength; Of Jesus the anchored one; How bright the light you shine; Forth Jesus the steadfast sun; You are a firm foundation; The rock that is higher than; I the rock that is hi...

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3. Maranatha

I need to have you all you are; Oh I swear I won't last long lest my hands reach your heart; Come be the comfort I need you here; I'm feeling like a boy whose; Ma was never there; You will have my lov...

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4. Nostalgia

This is what I recall not the highs yet still not the lows; But the moments left without a home; The times I thought would never last; Nostalgia steals and places back; Into my eyes I see my past; Thr...

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5. Seasons To Grow

F I built you a house of stone; Would you still call it a home; All the floors won't creak like they used to; But my heart will beat like it's made to; And I don't know what to say but I found my reas...

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6. Snow

Glowing ash illuminates the naked branches of the trees; Flowers float like ghosts unharmed in the middle of the stream; The stale taste of smoke still permeates the air; But embers have yet to touch ...

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7. Song Of David

Lord I long that I would be found as david was; One whose life long pursuit was chasing God; With my heart seen as loyal and true through Jesus blood; May I be found faithful to your love; Lord I long...

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8. Springtide Summer

The brothers on your doorstep of your front porch; Have journeyed from their homes in the northern shores; They rid themselves of travels and all their cloths; Have come to rest in our lands to hear t...

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9. Swan Song

Oh so long ago I had made a choice that I would give it all; Not just a fragment of my heart; Though years of flood and fire have stung my soul; My love has not grown cold; If these worlds would be th...

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10. To Love You Rightly

The sky bears for us a dawn and a dusk; As the sun fades another day is gone; This life won't last long like wind on a stone; I see I'm nothing but just salt and dust; My bones they will break my name...

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