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1. Firewoman

The moon's gone down; I know you're still awake; This heart I've found; I didn't intend to break; 'Cause I've seen the world from down there; And it wasn't a pretty sight; Now the circle is turning; A...

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2. Stars

If I could see you next monday it'd be alright; I'll just hold on to the memory of tonight; And I could smile at 3am; When I close my eyes and I pretend; That you're here; And you're listening; And yo...

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3. Torpe

H'wag na lang kaya; Hari ng katorpehan; H'wag, h'wag na lang kaya; 'Di ka ba nagsasawa sa liwanag ng buwan; Chorus:; Namamatay ang mga rosas sa tabi; 'Di ka pa bumibili; Nauubos na ang oras sa kahihin...

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