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1. All You Need To Know

She wrote a book of apologies called all you need to know; Over the summer a long cold bitter read; All you need to know; Is that I'm on your side; Oooh oooh when shit goes down; All the years between...

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2. Good Times

She was given up to the notion; Of temperate seas and Novascotian winters; And nights dreaming by the firelight; A solitary life, adrift upon the North Atlantic Ocean; Where she could find the time; T...

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3. Let You Down

She wants to tell you everything that’s going on; If she really means it well she can’t be wrong; She knows that there’s something amiss; But she won’t let the words pass her lips; She wants to let yo...

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4. Scattered Diamonds

Last night the weekend caught us up; We fell in fits across the floor; Scattered diamonds through your dress; And curses through your door; Ooooooh ooh ooh; You want it you got it all; And it's the la...

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5. Set It Right

When it begun we were barely old enough to know; And now when it comes it leaves me cold again; My love, we're still barely old enough; To fully comprehend all the time that we spend; Just wondering w...

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