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1. Demons In White

They say that´s easier for a camel; to cross the hole of a needle; than to explore your simplicity; Enter in heaven but; before pass trough misery; Always exploring people´s faith; Pay a tax for a hea...

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2. Peace Is On Piaces

Well never know of who is to blame; But the evil that men do is the same; Soldiers kill just for territory; Third world war for iraqs god; Refro; Our kids are loading up the guns; Was in this way that...

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3. Prisions Of Liberty

The flesh is good so they chained; Half of black ship, now is dead; Before were killings of black; Nowadays is mental attack; Chorus: Dont judge us from what you see; Cause in the end dust is what we ...

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4. The Voiceless

ont need to hear what they say; But I feel in my flesh this judgment everyday; A superficial vision its a foolish sight; Dont judge a book by the cover : is a hypocrite lie; Malevolence of our creatio...

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5. When The Truth Lies

Wasted days in my foolish ways; Why does everything have two sides? No-good or bad, worst and best; Every move I make is to be cricticized; Chorus; Dont try to understand; Just live and learn; Never s...

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