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1. Common Sense

Today we're supposed to embrace; Everything on our face they spit; We eat the puke on the floor; and we are so happy about it; Life is so easy when you choose to be free; to behave as superficially as...

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2. Dazed

Every day the same mistake; We live our lives hesitating to react; To all the issues that surround us now; What the hell are we supposed to expect? We hear many people complaining; About things we’d n...

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3. Gears

One more time we're down; And top is getting out of reach; There is no way out; But we refuse to take this shit; Time is running out; We feel our arms are getting weak; But then we realize; The gears ...

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4. Look Inside Yourself

Look inside yourself; What do you see right now? Someone who enjoys TV, sappy; movies and just sits around? You're off too sure that one day will succeed; A victim of life, that's all you'll ever gonn...

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5. So Many Flags

12 hours have been lost; At the Spanish Immigration; To find yourself back home; Angry rejected and filled with frustration; It’s hard to say these days; What the hell is going on; If it’s my country’...

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6. Standing For

What happened to the pride and anger? I can`t feel their presence anymore; Its sad to see; Endeavour is just past now; It all comes down to follow trends; And fame is all that matters; I miss the days...

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7. The Answer Is The Question

Who controls the truth? For years I’ve been searching this answer; Now it has no use; I saw the answer is the question; Feeling so regretful is nothing when you waste your life; Running after nothing ...

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8. We Are Done!

We are done; With ourselves; We are done; With unwillingness; We are done; With complaining; Sing these words with me: 'It's over now!"; We are done; With our lies; We are done; With your self-compass...

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