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1. Get Up Early

Get up indeed; Crazy people watching for the end of the sea; Get up and scream; A lot enough to get us to the end of the hip; Summer’s sucking on my back; Are you crazy ‘bout the fact? Uououoh; Can I ...

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2. Getting Cool

I got to Get soon the waves are getting much better, So check out the weather, the sky is so clean, I've Got to Get; That spot is getting so bigger, and the crowd has no leader, I'm just cared about t...

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3. Girl

Girl the feelings that I felt where real; so don't get me wrong again, Girl an ocean of feelings came and fell down in my head. Girl there's something I've got to tell you about our date, so; don't mi...

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4. Homies For Life

Grab these keys and take my car; My house from here seems so far; Nothing’s coming to the end; I’m so proud to be your friend; Friends and homies are not the same; Friends treat you just call your nam...

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5. Hope You're Not Recording Me

Winter; 7 O’ Clock; My body’s shaking but I can’t stop; It’s not high burst; Until I drop; I saw you tumble and I mess it up; In the morning; I was this cool; The cops are coming but I’m still cool; I...

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6. I'm Used

Every time I get some more; Why you close the door; I just carry me a friend; And never saw you before; Said I knew you from the past; Is that some kind of test? I forget that things can last; And nev...

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7. Less Sick

Should give up; I can get you out of my sight; Must come down; Keep in my head until time; I mean everything can be gray if all Shoud be a little bit more; I mean everything can be gray uhhh uhhh uhhh...

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8. Monsters

There are feelings I will not really forget; But these feelings make me not this kind of man; All the years have passed along without a friend; Never thought about to be in another land; Oh there are ...

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9. My Game

When the friendship becomes some kind of past; Turns me weak and make me lose interest; Gotta stay and play the prize of the last; These are the rules of my game ooooh! I don’t have my friends to take...

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10. On The River

Take those kids; Grabs your surfboard and some chicks; The sun is golden so let’s get some waves baby; And it’s so amazing when I feel; Like a bird and shining like; An angel on the river; On the rive...

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11. Proper Time

Everything’s cold now; Doesn’t matter I can see; You seem you’ve been til now picking up on me; Everything’s strange now; It really matters if you see; I’m picking my steak to go away from here; I’m j...

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12. S.o.s. (substance Over Style)

Work is over and I’m not so well; Because I wanna get some more baby; Over and over, closer closer man; Much time has been somewhere; There is so much left to say; Now I’m feeling better; There is so ...

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13. So Long

I don’t understand anything you say; So why I gotta stay? I didn’t mind the book he has today; It’s a shame I know it’s a shame; From the window I saw some birds; Playing songs calling me; And my spir...

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