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1. Again 2 Be Found

lookin through the windows, of your soul; all the information's hard 2 work out; try 2 see what u see, but i'm left blind; i need 2 find out... ; chorus:; visualize, losin' your mind, bringin u down; ...

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2. Feel The Burn

i thought i would die when i heard all the shit; u were talkin trash bout me; the moment of truth has arrived; u thought u were cool & u could get away; with everything u see; oh no, i don't think so ...

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3. Find My Way Home

hello hello - i think i've see your face before; hello hello - can u point out which way 2 go; goodbye goodbye - i got someone waiting 4 me; goodbye goodbye - time's up, it's time u set me free; ; whe...

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4. I

voices in my head, they say it's 2 late; 2 find my resolution of love & hate; don't come any closer, i'd have 2 disappear; signs of desperation, they're all around me; oh, i've got 2 get away, is ther...

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5. License 2 Kill

i'm sick of the words & the lies; i'm tired of all your evil ways; i don't think u know the power or how 2 play; word 2 the wise, you're life's a delusion; where's all the sympathy now; open your eyes...

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6. Love's The Dominion

don't look now but the sky is falling; or so it may seem lately; your eyes have seen pain through pleasure; & now life seems 2 be foresaken; we love ( knowing someday we'll lose); why must it always e...

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7. R U 4 Real?

on your wall ...the mirror smiles; back at u happy happy; so u say believe in me; who wrote your play? cuz u got played; there may always be another reality; making fiction of the truth u thoug...

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8. Road 2 4giveness

on & on, the battle rages in our hearts; on & on, there'd be no end 2 what we'd start; day 2 day, we realize our clouds are black; 4 all the way, u make the wish u can't take back; pre:; & try though ...

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9. Turn Away

look in the mirror, look what u've done; how did u think u'd get this far; u need the attention, u get what u want; reminding strangers who u are. ; can't help but think it's all passe'; i find it ver...

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10. Way 2 Deep

where is the soul i used 2 know; u rearranged what did not need 2 fix at all; i guess u know what's best 4 thee; gotta tell u, you're steppin in way 2 deep; u could have it all, if u really wanted; bu...

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11. Who do U Think U Are?

take what u want from me, it's never stopped u b4; without u I'm high & free, with u i must deplore; u think u got me like a puppet on a string; but the last thing....i'm...gonna do is show the hell t...

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