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1. 10.000 Years Ago

You were laying down the rules; Now breaking them up; You’re out of time, When I was flying up so high or falling; You were not around; You were the one in a million stars; Just a light in the night; ...

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2. Everything Changes

I was always incomplete; Only just a fool for you; But I’ve believed in what you say; You say that we’ve got it all; And this makes me strong enough; Maybe you could feel it deep down inside; And I wa...

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3. Eyes Of The Stranger

What are you thinking; You’ve got this vacant look; And it’s driving me insane; Open your eyes; Let me see a kind of sign; One last chance; For some good times; But time is running out; And I wanna kn...

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4. Fall In Love

I’ve been waitin’ a lifetime long; I’ve been slipping down the road on my own; Still without love; But you are always on my mind; This is not my world baby; Livin’ everyday without you; I’m crying in ...

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5. Gimme Your Time

You came along with your eyes wide open; Come on gimme a sign; I can’t believe you’re my wishing well; We gotta work it out; How can we know; If this is the reason; How can we know; If time is on our ...

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6. Hold & Care

I’ll be the one; Right by your side California can wait; Cos’ now you’re on my mind; Try to understand; That love’s a crazy thing; I just wanna show you all of mine; And I’ll be the one; Every move th...

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7. The Answer

Can I believe in what you say; Come on and talk to me; Cos of-you can; You show me the light this time; I should have know it right from the start; Another breakdown; I wanna feel it right from your h...

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8. To The Top

Are you ready; Gonna set this place on fire; We’re gonna give you what you really want; Come on, step into my dreams; We’re gonna rock tonight for a while; Come on rock this place; Even in a dark room...

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9. Welcome To Paradise

I know – your life is just a crazy place; After heartache and pain; The pressure is easing now; So come on teach me; You just got to speak to me; Your head is pounding; Feeling that you’re life’s in h...

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10. World Behind You

This may not be the very first time; And it sure won’t be the last, A thousand times I have told you; Can we forget about the past, right now; You gotta tell me what you really want; You can face anot...

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